DB company bikes

As a DB employee, you are entitled to a top-of-the-range bicycle or pedelec at outstanding conditions, saving you money compared to a direct purchase.

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Innovative, green and healthy

The DB Group created its company bike option so DB employees in Germany can enjoy even better mobility. By ordering a company bike, you're doing your bit for the environment, your fitness levels and your wallet.

This option is not an addition to the DB Group's range of different mobility options but a separate, stand-alone solution.

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Make your personal mobility as green and healthy as possible. You can select whatever make of bike you prefer, and you have full freedom in terms of personal and work-related usage.

All of the key facts about DB company bikes are available in the FAQs.

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The advantages of DB company bikes

You get to choose the bicycle you want

Monthly instalments instead of immediate payment

Lower cost compared to direct purchase

Tax reduction due to redeployment of salary

Insurance costs assumed by employer

For personal and business use

Ordering your own DB company bike is simple

1. Select bicycle

Find the bike you want at a shop or online.

2. Place order

After registering, use the portal to upload your application and the retailer's offer.

3. Collect bicycle

Once your order has been approved, you can collect your bike from the retailer.


Please check here to see if you are authorised to order a DB company bike.


You can order your preferred bicycle either from a retailer's shop or a website.

Monthly fee

You can use the online cost calculator to see what your monthly fee (total payment) will probably be.

All you need to perform this calculation is the offer you got from the retailer.

Applying for a company bike

If you want to apply for a company bike, fill in and sign the declaration form for buying a bicycle that the order portal generates after you add all of the necessary information. Upload this form to the portal together with the retailer's price offer.

Please note: We can only process your application if you provide the retailer's offer and the completed and signed declaration form.


After you submit your application, it is first approved in the portal, and then the order is placed.

You will receive collection notification that you can then use to pick your chosen bike up from the specialist retailer.

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