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As one of the biggest bikesharing schemes in Germany, Call a Bike gives you fast access to more than 16,000 bikes in upwards of 70 cities.

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The world's cleanest means of transport

Using Call a Bike protects the environment. Not only do bikes roll through the city with zero emissions, they also relieve traffic. What's more, cyclists can stay fit while holding onto their hard-earned money.

Wherever you arrive, Call a Bike is usually right there waiting for you. We can offer you seamless access to local public transport and Deutsche Bahn's train and carsharing network. You can register in no time.


cities and communities



1 million


With just one app all the bikes are yours

Wherever in Germany you use Call a Bike, one single app gives you access to all of the bikes, to reservations, hiring, returns and payment.




It couldn't be easier

1. Register

You can register on the website or directly in the app.

2. Hire

The app's map shows you free bikes in your area. Click twice to reserve your bike.

3. Return

You can return the bikes to any station, and in some places you can return them within the city centre on a flexible basis. Close the lock and you're all finished.

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Incidentally, Call a Bike has a slightly different look everywhere you go

Every city is different, with an ambience and lifestyle all its own,
so Call a Bike has its own unique presence in some places.
Take these four cities, for instance:

StadtRAD Hamburg

With some 3,000,000 rides per year, Hamburg is the most successful city in the Call a Bike network. It's also one of the cities where we offer cargo pedelecs.

Hamburg residents love their StadtRAD! Some of them share their experiences about it in the StadtRAD blog. 

StadtRAD Hamburg Blog


Stuttgart consistently backs efforts to link the city to surrounding areas with environmentally-friendly means of mobility. That works because our normal bikes are supplemented with 430 pedelecs for longer stretches.   


First off, you need to register with Call a Bike on the app or the website. Once registered, you can look for bikes near your location and reserve them with your smartphone. You receive an unlock code displayed in the app, which opens the lock. There are small variations in hiring options from place to place. Click here to check out the conditions that apply in your city.

You can use Call a Bike in over 70 German cities with only a single app. Click here to find out what cities those are.

Call a Bike has only extremely robust bikes with step-through frames, different gears, roller brakes and cargo racks. They are maintained regularly and checked for defects. The German consumer advocacy organisation Stiftung Warentest gives them top marks for safety. In Stuttgart and Hamburg, you can hire pedelecs and cargo pedelecs, as well.

Employees itching for greater flexibility when travelling on business, commuting to work or after clocking out for the day are increasingly choosing to cycle. Companies can help their employees along the way. Call a Bike for Business

If you're with us, you're for the environment

When you opt to leave your car parked and take more trips by bike, you are actively doing your part to defend the environment,

which is why Call a Bike is part of Deutsche Bahn's Group-wide This is Green campaign of 150 eco-friendly measures.

This is Green

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