Call a Bike for Cities – das maßgeschneiderte Fahrrad-Verleihsystem für jede Stadt.

Call a Bike for Cities

We are bringing a bespoke bikesharing scheme to your city to add a modern, flexible and zero-emissions option to your local public transport network.

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Why choose Call a Bike?

As one of the largest bikesharing providers in Germany with over 20 years of experience under our belt, Call a Bike offers rapid access to more than 14,500 bikes all over Germany. We serve around one million customers and counting in over 80 cities.

Give the people in your region the opportunity for sustainable mobility! We will advise you in depth on infrastructure and site planning with a view to finding exactly the right solution — one that is every bit as unique as your city.

Consulting for administration, local authorities and city planners

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The service we give your city: a one-stop shop for all services

Extremely robust, long-lasting and made in Germany

Our app can be customised to your needs.

Marketing & PR
We will ensure your bikesharing scheme is well-known everywhere.

We will provide you with in-depth advice about infrastructure and site planning.

Customer service
Our service centre handles all communications with customers.

We repair and maintain the bikes.

Make your city a Call a Bike city! 

Nowadays, people are increasingly drawn to urban centres to live, commute or visit. Places where everyone needs to get from point A to point B in a hurry soon get cramped and stifling.

But modern cities need space to move and air to breathe, prompting more and more local authorities to favour bikesharing schemes and modern cycling infrastructure. Bikes for hire untangle, quiet and calm traffic while emitting zero emissions. That raises the quality of life for all stakeholders.

Work with us to draw up a bespoke solution for your city! If you want to see the multifaceted options from which you can choose, look no further than these examples.


StadtRAD Hamburg is our most successful (station-based) local product.

  • 3,000,000 trips per year
  • 3,700 bikes and counting
  • The first 30 minutes are free of charge Near
  • field communication technology
  • Bikes can be hired and returned at over 200 stations

StadtRAD Hamburg Blog


Durch Stadt und Umland mit RegioRadStuttgart.


RegioRadStuttgart consistently backs efforts to link the city to the surrounding areas with environmentally-friendly means of mobility.

  • 41 cities and local communities, including Stuttgart
  • 1,000 bikes
  • 430 pedelecs
  • Near field communication technology


Consulting for administrators, local communities and city planners

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The safe choice for your city

  • User-friendliness: Simple to use bikes and app
  • Manufacturing: The bikes are forerunners when it comes to technical safety
  • Privacy protection: Top marks for the app's data privacy
  • Hiring system: High accolades for practicality

For STIFTUNG WARENTEST's comparison of bikesharing schemes, see

Every bit as unique as your city

  • Call a Bike is the safe choice to make your city more mobile, liveable and attractive for citizens and visitors alike.
  • We will seek out the ideal solution for you, whether it is station-based or free-floating.

Your experienced partner

  • Call a Bike is the company that pioneered public bike schemes in Germany,
  • and we're still leading the industry.

If you're with us, you're for the environment

When you opt to leave your car parked and take more trips by bike, you are actively doing your part to defend the environment,

which is why Call a Bike is part of Deutsche Bahn's Group-wide This is Green campaign of 150 eco-friendly measures.

This is Green

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