Mobility budget

A mobility budget lets you provide your employees with a monthly allowance that they can use for personal journeys the way that suits them best – by bus, train, metro, bikesharing or carsharing.

Die eigene Arbeitgeberattraktivität steigern und gleichzeitig Klimaschutz fördern? Das geht mit Bonvoyo!

Unter dem Motto „Mobility as a benefit“ stärken Unternehmen nicht nur ihr eigenes Employer Branding, sie leisten auch gleichzeitig einen signifikanten Beitrag zum Klimaschutz durch die Förderung der Nutzung nachhaltiger Verkehrsmittel.


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A mobility perk for employees

Our needs in terms of mobility are changing – More and more people are living in large towns and cities. They don't want a car as a status symbol: instead, they want sustainable mobility that covers all transport options and that they can use in a flexible way that makes sense for them.

Employee benefits are growing in importance – Companies have to offer more if they want to attract and retain skilled, experienced employees. You can use the mobility budget as an innovative addition to your company's portfolio of employee benefits. It is the perfect solution for someone who wants something different to a conventional company-funded tickets for public transport or a "downsizing" alternative to a company car.


Use tax benefits correctly

You save money compared to a pay rise or a lump sum for use on public transport services

70 %
potential tax savings per employee
75 Euro
Kosten (Steuern + Sozialversicherung) bei Gewährung von 100 Euro als Gehaltserhöhung
5,40 Euro 
Kosten (Steuern + Sozialversicherung) bei Gewährung von 100 Euro als Mobilitätsbudget

A single app is all you need

Use the map function to search all the possible transport options and book the one that's best. 

The travel information function checks all available transport options and shows you the fastest way to get to your destination. 



How it works

1. Registration

Create a budget for an employee that they can use for their personal mobility needs.

2. Use

Using the mobility budget app, the employee is responsible for planning, booking and managing their personal travel.

3. Travel

The employee can use their mobility budget for the form of transport best suited to a given situation – bus, train, metro, bikesharing or carsharing.

See all of your current and previous booking activities in the booking overview.

Check your remaining credit and total mobility-related spending in the budget manager function.

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Employers can set different levels of credit for different employees or for specific employee groups.

The payment period can be flexible as well: monthly or quarterly.

Any unused credit is simply transferred to the following month, or you can agree to convert it into a cash equivalent that gets paid out to the employee.

First, the employee pays for a mobility service that they want to use. They forward the costs for personal travel to their employer, which includes the figure in its wage calculation process. The company reimburses the employee in their next wage payment.

Employees can make Call a Bike and Flinkster bookings using the app, and the resulting costs are automatically deducted from their mobility credit.

If someone wants to book tickets for Deutsche Bahn's local, regional or long-distance transport services, they are forwarded to the DB Navigator app to complete the booking processes.

It is easy for employees to deduct the cost of bookings made in DB Navigator and other providers (e.g. Talixo, CleverShuttle, municipal public transport operators) from their remaining credit: all they have to do is scan the ticket or receipt after starting their journey.

Employees can use their budgets for their personal mobility needs.

This includes direct journeys to and from work (home and place of work) as well as other journeys they make during their free time.

At present, it is not possible to use the mobility budget to pay for business travel.

The mobility budget can be used within Germany, and it also covers journeys in other countries provided the starting point and/or destination is within Germany.

As of 1 January 2019, money that a company gives employees for work-related or personal use on public transport services is exempt from the company's annual tax bill. 

This means you can substantially reduce your tax liabilities if you provide employees with a mobility budget instead of, say, giving them a pay increase.  

Neben dem Mobilitätsbudget lässt sich das Mitarbeiterangebot beliebig um weitere ergänzen. 

Die implementierte Technologie ermöglicht es problemlos Maßnahmen wie z.B. die Gesundheitsprävention hinzuzuschalten. Dafür müssen keine weiteren Schnittstellen oder neuen Mitarbeiter-Accounts angelegt werden. 

Mobilitätsberatung ist bei der Deutschen Bahn Connect inklusive.

Mobility consulting for you

Our mobility experts are looking forward to talking the options over with you. With over 20 years of experience, we will produce a requirements analysis for your employees and work with you to identify the right solution for your company.

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One budget — a thousand possibilities

Teaserbild Mobilitätsbudget in der App.

Call a Bike

Ein Fahrrad von Call a Bike.
The product


Teaserbild Flinkster-Auto.
The product

Deutsche Bahn

Teaserbild Bahnverkehr er Deutschen Bahn.
All aboard!

Ride public transit to work or cab it home in the evening

Teaserbild Mobilitätsbudget in der App.

One budget — a thousand possibilities

The mobility budget app links Deutsche Bahn's products with a wide selection of other mobility services. How you get to your destination is entirely up to you.

Call a Bike

  • 16,000 bikes in over 70 German cities
  • All bikes have a step-through frame, different gears, roller brakes and cargo racks
  • 400 e-bikes
  • pedelecs and cargo pedelecs in
    Stuttgart and Hamburg
The product


  • More than 4,500 vehicles of every class in more than 400 cities , at more than 2,500 stations
  • with over 350,000 customers
  • in Europe in one international partner network
  • Also available as electric vehicles at charging stations
The product

Deutsche Bahn

  • In passenger transport 12.8 million passengers per day
  • On-time rate for DB rail passenger transport in Germany: 93.5%
  • Book your trip to Europe's most beautiful cities and regions on long-distance rail.
All aboard!

Ride public transit to work or cab it home in the evening

  • For local public transport, enter your desired starting location and destination, select the ideal route, buy a ticket and climb aboard with no fuss.
  • If you have to pull a late night, just jump in a taxi. Scan your receipt after the trip and submit it for processing on the app.

Advantages for employers

  • Make an active contribution to climate protection
  • Enhance your appeal as an employer
  • Strengthen the bond between staff and your company
  • Benefit from the tax-related advantages
  • Reduce your administration workload

Advantages for employees

  • Sustainable transport
  • Employer funds travel unrelated to work
  • Selection of the right mode of transport at all times 
  • A single app for searching for, booking and managing the best travel connections
  • Clear overview of remaining travel credit
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