Wir bei Deutsche Bahn Connect  bringen umweltfreundliche Verkehrsmittel in jede Stadt.
Cities and communities

Develop your city

Urban centres are increasingly sprawling, ear-splitting and chaotic. But changing them is up to you. Make your city into a liveable centre. We'll help you do it!!

Make it dynamic

Automobiles don't stand a chance in the city. Bikes are faster and more flexible, while taking up less street space and fewer parking spots.




Free your city from pollution

From exhaust emissions to oil slicks and tyre debris — people in cities have long since made their peace with the side effects inflicted by car traffic. But what would city living be like without the pollution?

Das Fahrrad braucht wenig Verkehrsraum und keine Parkplätze

A growing number of bikes ?

In Germany, the number of bikes has shot up in recent years. Industry estimates have the figure pegged at more than 76 million bikes.

5 th place
goes to Germany - in the EU's ranking of the most bike-friendly countries
7.6 percent
of Germans take a bike trip lasting several days every year

Give your city a break from traffic jams

The average commuter drives about 17 km to work and back each day. Traffic jams are part of his everyday life. But he deserves better.

Nachhaltige Mobilität in Deiner Stadt – mit den Lastenrädern von StadtRAD Hamburg.

Call a Bike has a total of 16,000 bikes in over 70 German cities.

Once you have registered, it is a simple matter to hire them anywhere you please with your mobile phone.

Link your city to Germany's largest bikesharing scheme.

  • Bespoke hire system
  • Customisable rates
  • Appealing and durable bikes
  • Modern e-bikes and cargo bikes
  • Can be combined with other cities
  • One million satisfied customers and counting

There's no time like the present

The mobility transition holds immense potential for modern city development. A smart way to link public transport with personal vehicles needs to be found.

In the effort to make your city a place where everyone can enjoy quiet, non-polluting and peaceful ways to get around, having your own bikesharing fleet can be a key piece of the puzzle.

Ein RegioRadStuttgart von Call a Bike.

Germany needs to change wheels

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Zum Hafen an der Elbe mit dem Leihrad von StadtRAD Hamburg.

A good example: Hamburg

StadtRAD Hamburg is our most successful local product (it is station-based).

  • 3,000,000 trips per year
  • 2,500 bikes
  • The first 30 minutes are free
  • Near field communication technology

The StadtRAD Hamburg Blog


Mit Call a Bike durch Münchens Parks.

A good example: Munich

Munich is a "free-floating" scheme; i.e. the bikes can be returned at any intersection in the city centre.

  • 1,600 bikes
  • GPS-/GSM technology
  • Hire and return at major intersections within city limits
Durch Stadt und Umland mit RegioRadStuttgart.

Good example: Stuttgart

RegioRadStuttgart consistently backs efforts to link the city to the surrounding areas with environmentally-friendly means of mobility.

  • 41 cities including Stuttgart
  • 1,000 bikes
  • 430 pedelecs
  • Near field communication technology


Mobility solutions for the modern city from Deutsche Bahn Connect

Teaserbild Lösungen für Städte & Kommunen der Deutschen Bahn Connect.

Call a Bike

Ein Fahrrad von Call a Bike.
The product

Mobility budget

Teaserbild Mobilitätsbudget in der App.
The product

Deutsche Bahn

Teaserbild Bahnverkehr er Deutschen Bahn.
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Mobility solutions for the modern city from Deutsche Bahn Connect

Demand for smart mobility concepts is particularly strong in places where people live close together. We bring eco-friendly means of transport to every city and we link them together efficiently. That keeps people mobile and cities vibrant and liveable. 

Call a Bike

  • 16,000 bikes in over 70 German cities
  • All bikes have a step-through frame, different gears, roller brakes and cargo racks
  • 400 e-bikes
  • pedelecs and cargo pedelecs in
    Stuttgart and Hamburg
The product

Mobility budget

  • Burnish your appeal as an employer
  • Enjoy tax benefits
  • Look for, book and manage the best travel connections in a single app
The product

Deutsche Bahn

  • In passenger transport 12.8 million passengers per day
  • On-time rate for DB rail passenger transport in Germany: 93.5%
  • Book your trip to Europe's most beautiful cities and regions on long-distance rail.
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