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Move sustainably

Tap into Germany's strongest selection of integrated mobility services. Give the environment and your wallet both a break by combining rail trips with our carsharing and bikesharing products.

Why not take a train?

You're bound to reach your destination in comfortably in one of Europe's densest rail networks. On long stretches, there will be no traffic jams or exasperating security checks, and rail is held to be the safest means of transport the world has to offer.

Die Bahn, eines der sichersten Verkehrsmittel der Welt.

Use local public transport

You don't stand a ghost of a chance of getting yourself anywhere in a hurry driving your own car through dense urban zones. On the other hand, S-Bahn and U-Bahn trains race through the city like clockwork every few minutes. A combined ticket will even let you transfer to buses and trams.




Your car waits at your destination

Relax in the train on longer trips and use a car for the final stage. The car will already be waiting for you at the station. The only thing you have to do is to select a class of vehicle. From family cars to electric cars and business sedans, Flinkster offers you the right model for every occasion.

Das Auto direkt am Bahnhof haben – mit Flinkster.

You can also find Flinkster outside of Germany

You can find Flinkster cars at more than 2,500 stations in over 400 cities in Germany, and an international partner network gives you easy access to carsharing in many of the surrounding countries, as well.

Ein Fahrzeug im grenzübergreifenden Partner-Netzwerk von Flinkster.

Bicycling for the environment and your figure

Bikes are still the world's cleanest means of transport. In cities, they are also the fastest. Use Call a Bike in more than 70 German cities to keep your wallet fat and traffic thin.

Mobility in flux ?

In German cities, people are using carsharing, bikes and public transport in increasing numbers.

30 percent
of all trips taken by car can be taken by bike instead.
5 th place
goes to Germany - in the EU's ranking of the most bike-friendly countries

Cycling from the station into the city

Call a Bike is an ideal add-on to travel by train. At more than 30 ICE stations, you can step directly off of your train and onto a bike to ride away past the buses and taxis snarled in traffic jams.





Deutsche Bahn Connect's integrated mobility solutions

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Teaserbild Flinkster-Auto.
The product

Call a Bike

Ein Fahrrad von Call a Bike.
The product

Deutsche Bahn

Teaserbild Bahnverkehr er Deutschen Bahn.
All aboard!

Deutsche Bahn Connect's integrated mobility solutions

Rarely does life go according to plan, and sometimes you can't avoid little detours. It's good to have alternatives along the way. Our mobility solutions give you multiple options. All means of transport are connected and coordinated, so you can find the best route to your destination at any time.


  • More than 4,500 vehicles of every class in more than 400 cities , at more than 2,500 stations
  • with over 350,000 customers
  • in Europe in one international partner network
  • Also available as electric vehicles at charging stations
The product

Call a Bike

  • 16,000 bikes in over 70 German cities
  • All bikes have a step-through frame, different gears, roller brakes and cargo racks
  • 400 e-bikes
  • pedelecs and cargo pedelecs in
    Stuttgart and Hamburg
The product

Deutsche Bahn

  • In passenger transport 12.8 million passengers per day
  • On-time rate for DB rail passenger transport in Germany: 93.5%
  • Book your trip to Europe's most beautiful cities and regions on long-distance rail.
All aboard!
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