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Give you and your employees the key to connected mobility – sustainable, modern and convenient. Take a look at DB Connect's range of services.

Flexible mobility for everyone

See how a mobility budget can function as a monthly benefit for your staff.

Employees can use their budget the way they want: for personal travel by bus, train, metro, bike and car. At the same time, your company gets to cut its tax bill.

Das Mobilitätsbuddget - einsetzbar für Bahnfahrten, Bus,Bike- und Carsharing.

Bicycles for fast work-related travel

Having your own Call-a-Bike station outside your premises means that you and everyone else at your company have access to a bike whenever needed.

For an annual fee of just EUR 6 per person, employees can use the Call a Bike business flatrate. This gives them access to our bikesharing network anywhere in Germany and at any time, be it for personal or work-related transport.



More mobility for more business ?

Germany has a highly developed transport infrastructure, and the country enjoys a wide range of mobility services. Make the most of this variety.

30 percent
of all trips taken by car can be taken by bike instead.
5 th place
goes to Germany - in the EU's ranking of the most bike-friendly countries
30 million
40% of the German population uses buses and trains on a daily basis
2.4 million
customers in Germany used carsharing in 2019

Company cars? Overtaken by progress

For many firms, maintaining a company fleet of their own is no longer attractive, but having access to cars is sometimes essential for employees.

The solution: Flinkster for Business, a carsharing network of some 4,500 cars that people can use for their personal and work-related needs.

Privat- und Firmenkunden sind nachhaltige Nutzer von Mobilitätsangeboten Deutschen Bahn Connect.

Work mobility 2.0

Your company might have sales reps, but you don't necessarily need your own company cars for them.

Anyone in your company who spends a lot of time on the road can select a vehicle from our fleet. They are available around the clock on a flexible basis.


Mobilitätsberatung ist bei der Deutschen Bahn Connect inklusive.

Mobility consulting for you

Our mobility experts are looking forward to talking the options over with you. With over 20 years of experience, we will produce a requirements analysis for your employees and work with you to identify the right solution for your company.

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Business solutions at DB Connect

Teaserbild Businesslösungen der Deutschen Bahn Connect.

Flinkster for Business

Teaserbild Flinkster for Business.
The product

Call a Bike for Business

Teaserbild Call a Bike for Business.
The product

Mobility budget

Teaserbild Mobilitätsbudget in der App.
The product

Long-term rental

Teaserbild Langzeitmiete der Deutschen Bahn Connect.
The product

Business solutions at DB Connect

With Deutsche Bahn Connect's products, you too can make your company more modern, appealing and sustainable. Use a mobility budget, Call a Bike or Flinkster for Business as benefits given to your employees. In today's environment, it takes more and more perks to retain key technical and management personnel.

Flinkster for Business

  • Germany's largest station-based carsharing network

  • For companies of all sizes
  • No monthly fee, simple online registration Invoices
  • By email or mail
The product

Call a Bike for Business

  • Bespoke mobility concepts for every location
  • Your employees can use the whole Call a Bike fleet
  • Cost-effective alternative to having a fleet of vehicles
The product

Mobility budget

  • Burnish your appeal as an employer
  • Enjoy tax benefits
  • Look for, book and manage the best travel connections in a single app
The product

Long-term rental

  • The familiarity of your own car with the flexibility of a rental car.
  • No-fee gas card for every vehicle
  • Billing all 30/31 calendar days
  • Vehicles can be exchanged once per year
  • Pick-up and delivery service throughout Germany with keys handed over personally
The product
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