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Sharing is the future! We understand that at Deutsche Bahn Connect. Why not use our carsharing solutions as an alternative to company cars or rental vehicles? You can establish a flexible pool of vehicles for your staff, with convenient access via a mobile app. Our tried-and-tested carsharing technology enables intelligent analysis and flexible changes to the vehicle pool. We call it Flinkster Corporate Carsharing. 

Flinkster Corporate Carsharing optimises the deployment and utilisation of your fleet, reducing mobility costs and emissions. What is more, Flinkster Carsharing enables you to use vehicles right across Europe. With Flinkster, we are the experienced pioneer of tomorrow's mobility, integrating carsharing with our other mobility solutions.

  • Vehicles in prime locations
  • Rental by the hour
  • Customised billing
  • Large choice of vehicle classes
  • Vehicles opened using a seal affixed to your driving licence

Our carsharing in detail

Corporate carsharing

Not only individuals, but companies, too, are increasingly looking for new forms of mobility that are fit for the future.
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Green mobility

The trend is shifting from car ownership to carsharing solutions.
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Long-term rental

We also offer long-term rental for up to 12 months and temporary vehicles.
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Flinkster is Deutsche Bahn's flexible carsharing service, offering unbeatable prices in more than 300 towns and cities across Germany.
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Part of an intelligent mobility concept

  • Integrated mobility services
  • Cycle hire systems
  • Fleet solutions
  • Chauffeur service
  • Consulting