Partner werden bei Flinkster, dem Carsharing-Netzwerk der Deutschen Bahn.

Flinkster for Partners

Become one of our business partners and give your customers access to Flinkster's flexible carsharing system. Together, we can make the network larger and all benefit from the its success. 

Flinkster is Germany's largest carsharing network that features pick-up and drop-off stations for vehicles.

With over 4,500 vehicles in more than 400 towns and cities, we have the ideal solution for you whether you want a luxury limousine or a compact car. We are constantly expanding our offering so that more and more people can make use of Flinkster's services.

Join forces with Flinkster

We welcome everyone who wants to share in Flinkster's growth. Become a business partner and help us win new customers for the Flinkster network and expand the fleet.

There are two partnership models to choose from

1. Co-branding partnership

As a co-branding partner, you integrate your carsharing service with our Flinkster network. 

2. Sales partnership

As a sales partner, you convert your customers into Flinkster customers by giving them special conditions or actively attracting new customers. 

1. Become a co-branding partner

Your vehicle fleet becomes part of the Flinkster network

Is your firm a carsharing company and you want to increase the size of your customer pool? If you become our co-branding partner and merge your vehicles with the Flinkster fleet, you will have access to all Flinkster users. In return, your own customers can make use of the entire Flinkster network

There is no need to change your vehicles' branding either – you can continue to operate under your service's current name. 

Benefits of co-branding

Improved capacity utilisation for your vehicles

376,000 Flinkster customers will have access to your service

Enhanced appeal of your offering

Your customers have the entire Flinkster network at their disposal

IT platform

Our business partners get to use our booking software


A single standard for customer service


Both sides refer to their partnership in their ads, online activities and vehicles


You have full freedom to design your brand as you wish

Do you want to become a co-branding partner?

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More Infos about co-branding partnership

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2. Become a sales partner

Sharing success

As a sales partner, you will make it possible for your customers to enjoy Flinkster's range of services and also help us expand our customer base.   

Two partnership models are available: a discount system or a commission system.

Offer added value with the discount option

Make Flinkster part of a package, like a customer card or tourist card. You can use this to offer your customers and guests a host of attractive discounts:

  • A reduced registration fee 
  • Travel credit as a bonus

Profit from the commission option

Actively help us win new Flinkster customers.  

You earn a commission for all the work you put into your sales support.

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