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Call a Bike technology


The cycle hire system you configure. You can choose between a system with or without fixed stations. In other words: you decide whether users hire the bikes from fixed locations – the stations – or can collect and return them anywhere.


More than 50 cities have already joined Call a Bike in Germany alone.

The following examples of the technology we use demonstrate how our cycle hire system can meet a wide range of requirements:

  • Satellite tracking
  • Near Field Communication
  • Free-floating model
  • Station-based system
  • Diverse station types

StadtRAD Hamburg

NFC technology, bikes hired from and returned to fixed stations, approximately 130 stations with terminals, 1,650 bikes, over two million journeys in 2013.

Call a Bike Munich

GPS/GSM technology, bikes hired from and returned to major intersections in Munich, 1,200 bikes, approximately 348,000 journeys in 2013.

That's Call a Bike

For corporate clients

Call a Bike makes the perfect environmentally friendly addition to companies' mobility options.
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For local authorities

We would be delighted to prepare a tailor-made offer for your city or local area.
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Modern technology

The technology we use is what makes our cycle hire system especially exciting.