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Stadtwerke Troisdorf

A strong partnership


Stadtwerke Troisdorf has been providing people in the town of Troisdorf with a reliable source of environmentally friendly energy and clean drinking water for 111 years. This secure supply is now enjoyed by customers outside the city boundaries, too, thanks to the company's expertise. Attractive and transparent pricing, tailor-made products, extensive services and friendly, expert staff have meant enduring market success.


In late 2012, Stadtwerke Troisdorf contacted Deutsche Bahn Connect and asked the company to optimise its fleet costs and provide full-service leasing for its future vehicle requirements as well as fleet management services for the existing vehicles.


A vital stipulation was that staff's existing level of mobility be maintained. The result, in September 2013, was the opening of the first Flinkster station, offering a choice of five carsharing vehicles and located in the station car park opposite the Stadtwerke offices. The vehicles are of course available to all Flinkster's registered customers. Thanks to the carsharing system, Stadtwerke Troisdorf was able to reorganise and reduce its fleet by more than a dozen vehicles.


Not only was Troisdorf connected to the Flinkster network, but the company also achieved considerable savings.


Three "Call a Bike" cycle hire stations have also been opened in Troisdorf to provide mobility on demand for commuters and anyone who wants to get around using the most environmentally friendly means of transport possible.   


  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Cost-effective
  • Innovative
Having cars in our own fleet that go unused generates unnecessary costs. Carsharing saves money and protects the environment. Peter Blatzheim (Managing Director of Stadtwerke Troisdorf)