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Deutsche Bahn Connect is using Call a Bike to support a health initiative at BMW


It all began in July 2011, when 50 bicycles from the Call a Bike fleet were stationed at BMW Group locations in Munich. Just three years later, usage had hit record levels. BMW Group decided after only a year to purchase its own company bikes with Call a Bike technology in order to better connect its sites around the city and boost staff's health and the environment.


The idea behind the company bikes is simple: 20 bike stations have been opened at the company's locations in Munich. Here, staff can access one of the company's own bikes, offering them a convenient, fast and environmentally friendly way to get around the city for short business trips. Each of the bikes is painted in the health initiative's green colour scheme with "ProBike" branding. The bikes are equipped with GPS and GMS navigation systems.



  • The campaign began in July 2011 and has now been running for three years
    with great success.
  • The number of bikes has been increased again to 103.
  • More than 8,000 employees use the bikes.
  • The bikes have covered more than 200,000 km in total on more than 100,000 journeys.

How the system works

All employees can access the technology using their mobile phone and hire a bike by making a phone call. 


A phone number can be found on each bike. When the user calls the number on their mobile, the system generates a release code for the bike lock, which the user inputs directly on the bike. The bike unlocks and the journey can begin.



For their business trips, staff also have access to all Call a Bike systems – comprising approximately 1,200 bikes in Munich and a further 7,300 in Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Stuttgart, Cologne, Hamburg, Kassel, Darmstadt, Wiesbaden, Marburg and Lüneburg, as well as more than 50 ICE stations.


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